Noblelift® Introduces Lithium Forklifts

NOBLELIFT® North America – Noblelift® Lithium Forklift

Why choose between price and quality WHEN YOU CAN HAVE BOTH!

The newest introduction of Noblelift® lithium electric forklift series designed for energy proficiency while keeping productivity at its highest peak of performance to answer the call for high-density, high throughput warehouses, equipping them to keep up with growing order volumes while protecting profits. Ideal for facilities that are regulated by the EPA and OSHA.

Available in 1,500 to 7,700-pound load capacities in double or triple stage mast of up to 236” (19.68ft), the Noblelift® FE series lithium forklifts deliver reduced energy consumption and faster cycle times to help warehouses move large inventories efficiently.

Faster and longer charge cycles – Move more pallets in less time with the Noblelift® lithium powered forklifts. How much more? 2,000 to 3,000 cycles and only 2 hours charge vs. the lead-acid of 1,000 to 1,500 cycles and 8 hours to charge with 8 hours cooling period.

Greater energy efficiency –featuring a newer technology. They are more compact and energy dense than lead-acid, which allows them to be more efficient. Unlike lead acid, the cells are sealed shut, requiring no water maintenance. This type of battery can have many different chemistries. The same study revealed the Noblelift lithium forklift, reducing energy costs and charging frequency for more time moving product and less time idle at the charging station.

Simple, cost-effective service – No scheduled maintenance. Meaning the battery is maintenance free and does not require watering. To simplify the over all cost from lead-acid to lithium is, if your business only has one shift in which a forklift is used, a lead-acid battery that is well maintained should last tops around 5 years (1,500 cycles over 300 workdays per year). A lithium-ion battery, in comparison, should last 10 years or more (3,000 cycles over 300 workdays per year).

Standard features – Lithium Battery Pack, Battery Pack Side Roll Out, High-Power AC Drive Motor, High-Power AC Pump Motor, Low Noise Gear Pump, Multi-Function Color Screen Instrument Cluster, Large Integral Rubber Pedal Pad, LED Combination Headlights and Taillights, Stamped Iron Hood, Soft Landing System, SPE Power Selection, Electronic Cooling Fan, Tilt Cylinder Jacket, Automatic Deceleration Through Turning, Emergency Cut-Off Switch, Backup Alarm, Traction pin, Load Sensing Steering System, Wide View Mast, Tilt Cylinder Jacket, Charging Muzzle that Meets National Safety Standards.

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Based in Des Plaines, IL., Noblelift® North America ( is a leading worldwide lift truck designer and manufacturer with a comprehensive range of high performance – low maintenance manual and electric equipment. From hand pallet trucks to electric pallet trucks, from walkie-stackers to sit-down forklifts and scissor lifts. Noblelift® manufactures more than 200 categories and around 30 series of each product. Our products are designed to meet different application demands and are well accepted by our dealers in more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and more. Noblelift® North America builds tough, durable lift trucks that deliver high productivity, low total cost of ownership, easy serviceability and advanced ergonomic features; accompanied by outstanding parts, service and training support.

Noblelift® North America
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