Made With Love From Worldwide

The staff at Worldwide Material Handling gets creative with a donation for hospitalized children all around the country.

As we all wrap up a year full of challenges, participating in “the season of giving” feels more crucial now than in years past. Many of us are seeing loved ones experience hardships, unexpected losses, or feelings of isolation. With so many of these heavy things on our minds, it is even hard to determine where donations and help are needed most.

Worldwide’s team thought this year’s company donation needed to focus on spreading some love and thoughtfulness to those who might be feeling very alone during this time…The only problem being that this effort needed to be done from a distance. COVID-19 limitations certainly made it difficult to meet these criteria or incorporate staff participation into the annual donation. Thankfully, an organization by the name of Cards for Hospitalized Kids offered a great solution.

Based in Chicago, Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an organization which collects handmade cards year-round and then distributes them to hospitals around the United States. These cards are given to children battling serious illnesses, leaving them stuck in the hospital for extended amounts of time. These children typically miss out on important childhood experiences like being with family on holidays, or even just going to school. Naturally, the emotional toll that these moments may take on a child is a very real concern. Currently, COVID-19 restrictions are making that concern increasingly magnified.

With this in mind, the staff at Worldwide put on their creative hats and eagerly took to creating cards for these children. Many of the staff members approached this donation with love and enthusiasm, resulting in a total of nearly 100 handmade holiday cards! Some staff even brought card-making supplies home to their families for extended hours of charitable creativity that everyone could have fun with. Worldwide’s batch of cards consisted of messages and artwork by individuals ranging from age 2 to adulthood – a beautiful reminder that even something so simple can be an act of unity and compassion between humans, regardless of age or circumstance.

In addition to the card donation, Worldwide has gifted $1000 to Ronald McDonald House Charities. This donation will support families who need to travel far from home to get the proper medical care for their child battling cancer. RMHC provides housing for these families, as well as an extensive list of resources to keep families together while getting through a very difficult chapter of life.

The Worldwide family hopes these donations will bring both holiday cheer and a sense of togetherness to these children and their families.

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