Introducing Energy Essentials Distributed by Raymond

GREENE, N.Y., November 17, 2020 — The Raymond Corporation introduces the next generation of lithium-ion batteries — Energy Essentials distributed by Raymond — to deliver fast-charging power solutions housed in a denser footprint, providing companies with high-performance energy sources to optimize their operations. This new offering presents a comprehensive solution that supports the entire Raymond® family of forklifts, ranging from pallet jacks to Swing-Reach® trucks.

“Energy Essentials, distributed by Raymond products, enable complete and unique integration between the truck and battery, giving full visibility to operational data elements that include state-of-charge and fault codes,” said Jennifer de Souza, senior director of energy solutions, procurement and leasing for The Raymond Corporation. “Engineered to excel in the toughest material handling applications, these lithium-ion solutions provide our customers with significant productivity enhancements, including increased uptime and reduced electricity costs.”

Raymond’s NMC chemistry lithium-ion batteries offer a higher energy density in a smaller footprint for increased runtime between charges. It also provides peace of mind with the only UL-listed lift truck battery with this chemistry available on the market. By embracing this solution, operations receive the following benefits:

  • High-density power with more energy in less space, allowing for future truck developments with smaller battery compartments, giving forklifts access to tighter spaces and narrower aisles, leading to increased pallet positions and throughput.
  • Industry-leading capacity with the ability to put a 1,056-ampere-hour battery inside an 18-inch battery compartment.
  • Increased productivity with the capacity to charge 500 amps on a single connector. Trucks can be charged quickly, easily and conveniently.
  • Undiminished performance in rigorous applications, including cold storage environments, with active cell balancing and thermal control.
  • Greater efficiency and reduced life cycle costs with less heat and energy loss, superior capacity retention, better acceptance of regenerative power and no performance degradation.
  • Full compatibility with the Raymond family of forklifts, which allows operations to develop a power ecosystem with unmatched synergies designed to enhance an operation’s efficiencies.
  • Less maintenance with a completely sealed battery design to eliminate the traditional watering, equalizing and cleaning, and additional battery maintenance requirements.
  • A best-in-class warranty with five-year 6,000-cycle coverage.

When paired with Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE Evolution fleet management system, Energy Essentials distributed by Raymond give operations all the tools, insights and lithium-ion power solutions needed to run more efficiently, reliably and profitably. From forklift battery monitoring and maintenance management to vehicle and operator utilization, electronic checklists and impact management, this advanced telematics solution provides timely data across an entire fleet to reduce downtime and unlock further optimization opportunities.

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