Hytrol Announces New Parcel Handling Team

JONESBORO, Ark. –– Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. has announced the creation of a team dedicated to the growth of the company’s parcel industry business. This new team’s efforts will be led by Parcel Business Manager, Daniel Aspinwall and will be run by Director of Parcel Development, Dirk Ballard.

The Parcel Handling team comprises Applications and Systems Engineering, Project Management, Product Management and Project Coordination. The group focuses on the standardization and maintaining parcel handling opportunities for both Hytrol and the Integration Partners.

“Our Parcel Integration Partners (IPs) deserve a team that is focused solely on their business. We want to be more responsive, improve communication, collaborate with our customers on pre-sales efforts and ensure successful execution of their projects. Establishing this team allows us to accomplish these initiatives,” said Ballard.

Hytrol’s Integration Partner Network consists of over more than 150 independent businesses worldwide. Hytrol sells equipment exclusively through this network.

“The Parcel team will allow us to create a more focused and cohesive Parcel offering and provide more efficient solutions to our Integration Partners,” said Aspinwall.

The parcel industry has shown continuous growth over the past several years and is expected to be valued at $400 billion in 2024. This group developed by Hytrol will continue to work to create new innovative solutions for that industry.

“With the growth of the parcel industry and the constant demand for fast and efficient shipping, it was imperative that we create a group to dedicate themselves to the development of our parcel equipment. This team will be a steady resource for our integration partners and end users and will continue to grow as the parcel industry does,” said Ballard.

Aspinwall has been at Hytrol for 23 years and has served as Project Engineer, Project Manager, Manager of Quality & Assurance, and Parcel Product Manager.

“I was blessed to have been hired when Tom Loberg, our founder, was still with us. His values and examples were key to my tenure here, and will continue to guide me as the Parcel Business Manager today,” said Aspinwall.

Ballard has 25 years of experience in the Material Handling Industry, working in Project Engineering, Project Management, Program Management, and Business Development. Throughout his career, he has established close working relationships with key parcel integrators and end users in the industry. He has worked at Hytrol since 2017, serving as Director of Parcel Business Development.

“I wasn’t fortunate enough to know Hytrol’s founder, Tom Loberg, but his fingerprints are all over our business, and I am proud to be part of such a great company. I’m honored that our Board of Directors as well as President David Peacock have entrusted me with helping to establish and manage this team. I’m confident that this will help to better serve our valued parcel customers going forward,” said Ballard.

About Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of material handling systems for a variety of industries. Since its founding in 1947, the company has been dedicated to pushing forward the material handling industry. Hytrol moved to Jonesboro, Ark. in 1962, where the company headquarters remain today.

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