FREE e-Book “Uncommon Threads” Available for MHEDA Members

Looking for a good read? As a special gift for being a MHEDA Member, MHEDA is offering you FREE access to the newly released book, Uncommon Threads: Weaving a Life Through Family, Business and Faith, written by fellow MHEDA Member John Wieland, CEO of MH Equipment.

In Uncommon Threads: Weaving a Life Through Family, Business and Faith, Wieland offers thoughtful business advice, unabashedly shares the mistakes he’s made along the way and asks useful questions that will serve as a primer for anyone wanting to live a successful and fulfilling life without losing their perspective on what success really means.

MHEDA CEO Liz Richards says: “When I read ‘Uncommon Threads’ I had no idea how much I would be inspired. I devoured John’s book and will reflect back upon it for the rest of my life. The stories he shares about his family, business, leadership, faith, community, kindness and humility will touch your very soul. At times raw and at times humorous, the way in which John professes his faith and imparts life’s lessons will motivate you to be a better human being. I am grateful to John for his willingness to openly share his experiences with others.”

Wieland’s mission with Uncommon Threads is to share his understanding of how compartmentalization causes dysfunction. “I know personally that when there is not harmony between family, business and faith, it negatively impacts the mind, body and spirit,” Wieland says. “My book affirms the fact that these three vital elements interact into that thing we call LIFE.”

MHEDA Members can order a FREE copy of the e-book for a limited time.

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