Flux Power Continues Business Operations

Our company is in California, and our Governor, Gavin Newsome, has issued a shelter-in-place order for all non-essential services or business. See website “COVID-19.CA.Gov.”

Flux Power is an essential business as we provide energy to power equipment enabling delivery of food and essential goods during the crisis, and is eligible for the exemption from the Department of Homeland Security: https://www.cisa.gov/critical-manufacturing-sector. Likewise, our customers assert this exemption as their products are vital to national security – as one of our major OEM customers has advised Flux Power in a written letter, “As an indispensable supplier…. each of these closure orders will consider your operations as an ‘essential business’ and we require you to supply us as before.”

Accordingly, Flux will be open as normal until, and unless, further guidance from the Federal government states otherwise. We ask that you remain open to the furthest extent possible to support our critical manufacturing – as we are critical, so are you. Additionally, we value our employees and are taking necessary precautions to maintain a healthy workforce and to not spread disease within or beyond our business. We ask that your businesses take similar precautions– as our employees handle your products.

We ask that you respond to this letter no later than March 31st, 2020 in order to allow us to confirm our supply chain can support our customers during these current events. Thanks for your support and we will continue to monitor events very closely and keep you apprised in a timely manner.

Jerrett J. Chambers
Supply Chain Manager, Flux Power
2685 S Melrose Drive, Vista, CA 92081