E-Commerce Growth and Demand for Advanced Technology Solutions Fuel Expansion at VARGO®

VARGO® welcomes 14 new employees

HILLIARD, Ohio, November 12, 2021 — VARGO®, a leading provider of material-handling systems integration, warehouse execution software, and equipment solutions for major fulfillment and distribution centers, has announced the hiring of 14 new employees. Fueled by recent e-commerce growth and demand for its industry-leading e-commerce solutions, the company also has announced plans to expand its tech center and company headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

“While the e-commerce fulfillment industry has underwent significant changes in response to spikes in consumer demand and labor shortages, many of these changes toward high-speed and high-accuracy delivery were already underway, but only accelerated by the pandemic,” said Bart Cera, VARGO® president and COO. “For years, VARGO® has been establishing relationships and developing software, advanced automation and robotic solutions, which have positioned us strongly in the market today.”

The company’s recent growth is driven by VARGO®’s industry-leading e-commerce solutions and its ability to evaluate and integrate newer technologies using a holistic, agnostic approach. VARGO®’s COFE® (Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine) was the first and remains the most advanced Warehouse Execution System (WES.) COFE® excels in complex e-commerce distribution environments through its ability to synchronize and sequence all the work necessary, in real-time, across all fulfillment resources (people, process and technologies.)

Just this year, VARGO®’s COFE® WES enabled one major clothing e-fulfillment facility with the capacity to process 1 million units a day. This allows companies to compete with the “Amazon effect” of same-day order fulfillment and speed to door. In addition, as a material handling equipment supplier, VARGO® has existing partnerships with companies, enabling the use of robots and artificial intelligence to supplement or replace repetitive tasks in the fulfillment operation, to optimize client sites with automation that addresses labor shortages.

With this increased demand, VARGO® has added new resources across many areas of its operations, including software, engineering, logistics and business analysts. Today, VARGO® is excited to welcome the following new hires and internal promotions:

  • Kelly Cahill, IT project manager and SCRUM master
  • Vincent Chanthasene, project manager
  • Keegan Doyle, promoted to technical support team lead
  • Drew Eldred, implementation lead
  • Brent Hasseman, software support specialist
  • Geoffrey Heider, software support specialist
  • Kit Hodges, software engineer
  • Steve Hooper, senior project engineer
  • Austin McNutt, DevOps analyst
  • Deepali Paliwal, software business analyst
  • Mamie-Kay Ramsay, project administrator
  • Dave Rupnow, site manager
  • Destiny Stallcup, business analyst
  • Mark Torch, software support specialist
  • Connor Vokac, mechanical engineer

About VARGO®

VARGO® is a team of mechanical and software engineers changing e-commerce operations by designing fulfillment solutions differently than anyone else in the industry. For nearly five decades, VARGO® has worked with manufacturers, distributors and leading retailers — such as American Eagle, Gap Inc., Fashion Nova, Forever 21 and numerous 3PL’s — to improve their e-commerce operations and material handling systems, increase processing capacities and reduce order cycle times. VARGO® uses its proven, pull-based methodologies to create intelligent solutions for fulfillment centers and continues to be a leader in its industry by integrating robotics and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) into its solutions. VARGO® is the only company that offers COFE® (Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine), the software that does for fulfillment what Lean did for manufacturing. For more information, visit www.vargosolutions.com.

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