Dubuque Food Pantry Announces New Location and Receives a ‘Pantry-Warming’ Gift From Hodge

Dubuque, Iowa – The Dubuque Food Pantry has officially announced their relocation to 1310 White Street which is the former home to Brannon Monument. According to the Pantry’s press release, the increased square footage along with the building’s proximity to the current Pantry location made it an attractive option.

“We were proud to hear our old location would soon be the new home to an organization that provides assistance to those in our local community,” said Mike Brannon, owner of Brannon Monument Company.

When touring the building, representatives from the Dubuque Food Pantry noticed a forklift and asked if it was included in the building purchase, which it was not. That question got Brannon’s wheels turning.

“Mike (Brannon) reached out to see if HODGE would be interested in donating the forklift to the Dubuque Food Pantry along with him and his team at Brannon Monument. It was an easy yes,” said Zach Hodge, executive vice president for material handling and logistics at HODGE. “The Dubuque Food Pantry impacts so many people right here in Dubuque. With the holidays right around the corner, we hope this donation makes a difference for their operation and the community members they serve.”

On Tuesday, members from the Dubuque Food Pantry board attended what they believed was a final walk through of the building. Much to their surprise, Mike Brannon and HODGE leadership welcomed them into the shop and presented them with a forklift wrapped with a big red bow and decaled with custom graphics from Gigantic Design Co. to represent its new owners.


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