DIS Corp. Presents Webinar on May 16

Can You Even Switch Systems If You Want To?

When: Thursday, May 16 at 3 PM EST/12 AM PST
Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A

Every 3-5 years, you should take the time to sit down and seriously evaluate whether your DMS is serving your needs and goals, or if it’s time to switch. But switching systems is not an easy decision to make—and often, not an easy thing to do, even if you want to.

Join us for a discussion between two industry veterans with 70 years of dealership experience between them. Together, they will answer these important questions:

  • Why should you change your DMS in the first place?
  • Too many DMS contracts handcuff the dealer. What might you be able to do?
  • If you can afford to switch, what should you look for in a DMS?

Register here: https://www.discorp.com/dealership-guides/webinar-can-you-even-switch-systems-if-you-want-to/

About the Presenter: 

John Andersen, Dealership Consultant 

John Andersen has 35 years of practical experience in the heavy equipment dealership market space. As a founding partner of PFW Systems, and chief evangelist with many of the industry’s leading DMS providers, John is a visionary and thought leader on the modern equipment distributor. His depth of knowledge on dealership operations and customer-centric focus have him at the forefront leading the charge to modernize dealerships and grow the segment. 

In Conversation With: 

Lloyd Farnsworth, Director of Sales at DIS 

Lloyd has been working with dealers and their software needs for more than twenty-five years. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he worked with an Automotive Aftermarket software company then joined ADP Dealer Services in the mid-‘90s. He advanced through various Sales positions and became a Director of Sales in 2000. Further promotions led him to the position of Vice-President, General Manager of the Heavy Equipment division of what was then CDK Global in 2015. 

With additional years of experience consulting in the Heavy Equipment software market, he brings in-depth knowledge of dealers’ needs to the DIS team. Lloyd has always believed in benefits-driven changes to dealership processes. 


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