COVID-19 Fund Raising Effort for Veterans & First Responders

ABCO Systems creates “STRENGTH DRIVEN” initiative to raise funds in support of Veterans and First Responders

Spurred to action by his father’s bought with cancer last year, ABCO Systems, Inc. CEO Seth Weisberg decided to have a bunch of rubber wristbands made with the words “STRENGTH DRIVEN” printed on them. They were given to family and friends who wore them in a show of solidarity to support his dad throughout his illness. Seth wanted to create a sense of community for his father, to let him know that he wasn’t alone in his fight, that there were others right there with him to help when needed. But most importantly to remind his father that he would need to rely on his own inner strength to beat his illness. Seth’s dad beat his cancer and happily is with us today. As Seth says “still fighting the fight” and doing his part by “staying home” during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The personal and economic upheaval created by this pandemic brings with it overwhelming feelings of fear, uncertainty and massive levels of stress. This lead Seth to think we could all use a reminder that we’re not alone. That we’re in this together and that we must not only remain positive, but that we must always rely on our inner strength. Not just with COVID-19, but through all of life’s challenges.

It’s because of this that he’s purchased 10,000 STRENGTH DRIVEN wristbands. “We want everyone to wear these and show the world that we are “Strength Driven” individuals who understand we are part of a larger community of “Strength Driven” people. We will stand together and not let this pandemic, or anything else beat us”.

The wristbands are being offered through ABCO Systems’ website.  The cost is $ 8 each, and 100% of all proceeds are going to charities like the Gary Sinise Foundation and others, with a focus on providing support for Veterans, First Responders and their Families. Seth wants to “lift everyone’s spirit by showing we’re not alone during this crisis”, but also wants to honor and support the men and women who sacrifice every day for our safety and the safety of our families.

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