Conceptual Innovations Releases HaloDrive Powered by Caster Concepts

Albion, MI – Conceptual Innovations, an engineering and custom manufacturing firm powered by Caster Concepts (, announces the release of the HaloDrive. This omni-directional motor-powered system delivers precision movement for the largest, heaviest and most complex applications across industries.

Its patented HaloDrive Pods feature powered wheels that add mobility to a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial applications with a maximum weight capacity of 50 tons and dimensions up to 250 feet with extreme accuracy within .5MM in any direction.

The HaloDrive is the only self-contained motor-driven omni-directional drive technology available today. Its modular design allows for retrofitting carts and lifts, increasing the functionality, weight capacity, and dimensions of equipment commonly used in manufacturing and maintenance such as these:

  • Aircrafts
  • Automobiles
  • Boats and ships
  • Heavy equipment
  • Steel processing and transportation
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Trains and locomotives
  • Wind turbines

“The HaloDrive System ensures a more efficient and safer work environment,” said Elmer Lee, PhD, director of engineering for Conceptual Innovations and Caster Concepts. “The system doesn’t require special certification or training, and the ability to move heavy loads easily reduces the risk of workplace injuries.”

Conceptual Innovations’ engineers developed the industry-unique HaloDrive in response to manufacturers’ requests for a material handling solution that maneuvers around tight corners and narrow spaces while carrying extreme weights. Engineers discovered their HaloDrive solved many problems beyond its intended use.


  • Lower purchase, operation and maintenance costs than other equipment with similar load weight capacities.
  • Doesn’t require any modifications for facilities or special flooring, rails, tracks, etc.
  • No certification or specialized training required to operate.
  • Reduces the risk of injury or damage to products, equipment and facilities.
  • Motor-driven: minimizes operator effort and reduces fatigue and risk of overexertion.
  • Combining multiple pods increases weight capacity and drive power.
  • All axle steering enables complex maneuvering and rotation in place to save valuable floor space and increase production efficiency

The demand for the HaloDrive reaches across industries, with recent custom systems developed for Boeing and NASA. Conceptual Innovation’s Albion plant handles 85% of the manufacturing process in-house. Designing and building custom systems and retrofits take six to eight weeks, from conception to delivery.

“Our speed of design to delivery is well above the industry average because of our ability to handle most of the process in-house,” Lee said. “We not only control the design and build, we manage most of the delivery, ensuring the supply-chain challenges experienced by other manufacturers don’t exist for our customers.”

About Conceptual Innovations

Conceptual Innovations (CI) is an engineering, consulting and custom manufacturing service that focuses on delivering cost-effective, technical solutions. Specialties include development, testing, automation and design that provides cutting-edge expertise to companies of any size. CI can prototype a design, create a proof for evaluation, and test for both long-term usability and endurance. Each solution is optimized for both functionality and manufacturing costs.  Visit

About Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts designs and builds industrial casters and wheels for virtually any application. ISO 9001-2015 certified, Caster Concepts manufactures heavy-duty products to withstand impact, corrosion, temperature extremes and industrial chemical environments. Caster Concepts’ multi-functional casters and wheels provide solutions in industrial, automotive, food service, aerospace, material handling and many other demanding markets.  Visit


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