Complete Forklift Repair Joins MHEDA

Complete Forklift Repair has been in business since 2010, experiencing outstanding growth in their 12 years in business. In the beginning, the company was one man who serviced all the customers and maintained all office related work with the part-time help of his wife and working out of their home basement and shop. In 2016, the company moved operations to a warehouse in Corinth located just off I-75. In 2018, Complete Forklift Repair merged with Onsite Lift adding even more companies to their ever growing customer base. In 2019, the company purchased a former bank in Corinth across the street from their warehouse and moved their office operations into it. During 2020, they took on the next step of their vision by building a large shop behind the office building that will house much of their repair operations. Today, the company employs 11 people which stands as a testament to just how much the company has grown. The growth of the company can be attributed to the owner and his mission when he created Complete Forklift Repair.

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