Bode Offering Discounts, Extended Terms, etc on all Open Proposals

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Bode is offering deeper discounts, extended terms, reduction in deposit terms, etc on all open proposals. If you have a current open proposal from Bode Equipment, please call your sales rep today! We are working with our suppliers to ensure your orders are processed with minimal barriers. We want your purchase orders! We need your orders to keep the economy moving forward.

We have several items that are available for quick shipment too. Here is a sampling of what’s available:
Pallet Racking and Shelving
Guard Rail and Bollards
Stainless Steel Benches and Carts
Modular Offices and Rooms
Conveyor, Scissor Lifts and Stackers
Totes, Bins, and much more…..

Capital projects have longer lead times (6-12 weeks). If you are looking at a capital projects, please think of Bode. Normally these projects require a high level of collaboration, drawings and forethought that doesn’t involve any money exchange – just a purchase order. If we can reduce the cost barrier to entry, we can get started on projects that will ship weeks/months out.
Keep in mind that everyone is slowing down, even our suppliers. As a result, their lead times are being extended and their raw materials are limited. We are seeing freight shipments and deliveries pushed. If we all wait for the this to be over, we are all going to be at the mercy of lead times.

Let’s start today, working together to get the economy moving forward. Bode wants to help, supporting you as you help, supporting others in the market. As a team effort, Bode is willing to provide deeper discounts and extended terms to assist.

Why Choose Bode:
10 Consecutive years recognized as a “Most Valuable Partner” in the Material Handling Industry
Customer Focused, Knowledge Driven, and Quality Aligned
In-House factory trained installation technicians
Layout and Design Services
Turn-key facility provider with broad product mix and full-service capability
Laser focused on helping you achieve your organizational goals
Unmatched in customer engagement due to the depth and range of the team
Full Project Management – let us manage the project while you manage your business

We look forward to supporting your efforts.
Scott Fawcett – President/Owner
Bode Equipment Company

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