Three Part Macroeconomics Webcast Series

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Each webinar will be presented by Alex Chausovsky, Vice President, Analytics & Consulting, Miller Resource Group.

Alex is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than twenty years of expertise across subjects including economics, industrial manufacturing, automation, and advanced technology trends. For the last two decades, he has consulted and advised companies throughout the US and Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

He has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and webinars to small businesses, trade associations, and Fortune 500 companies across a spectrum of industries. Alex is currently overseeing a suite of analytics products focused on talent for the Miller Resource Group. He is also consulting with companies to help them become better at attracting, hiring, and retaining the impact players in their industry.

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Session 1:
Macroeconomics I – Inflation and Interest Rates
Recorded – Thursday, April 13

Program Description

The US economy is firmly on the back side of the business cycle. Further deceleration lies ahead, but the severity and longevity of the downturn is uncertain. Does a recession loom, and if so, how harshly will it affect distributors? Furthermore, inflation continues to run hot, and the Federal Reserve is determined to combat it by raising the cost of borrowing money. What is the outlook for both pricing pressures and interest rates as we look toward the remainder of 2023?

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Session 2:
Macroeconomics II – Commodity and Input Prices
Recorded – Wednesday, May 10

Program Description

Volatile commodity prices made it difficult for the distribution community to predict input costs and manage budgets since the start of the pandemic. The fallout of this volatility included squeezed margins and pressured profitability for distributors across a spectrum of industries. The slowing macro economy reflects a pivotal change from the aggressive pace of business in 2021 and early 2022, with many commodities declining in price. In this episode, Alex Chausovsky will explore the factors that drive commodity and input prices. He will also discuss the current and likely future trajectory of commodities and other input costs and provide guidance on what distribution leaders need to do now to prepare their business for what’s to come.

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Session 3:

Macroeconomics III – B2B Capex, Inventories, and Investment Considerations
Recorded – Wednesday, June 14

Program Description

A slowing macro economy is a headwind for investment, affecting everything from capacity planning to capital expenditures and inventory levels. The pandemic-era swings in both supply and demand are calming, but persistent uncertainties – the war in Ukraine, the Fed’s interest rate policy, and the severity and longevity of the economic downturn – all cloud the decision-making process. What does it all mean to the distribution community? In this episode Alex Chausovsky will delve deep into these critical topics. He will discuss the current Capex and inventory landscape, explore what is likely to occur down the road, and provide some sage advice to distributors looking for new insights and ideas to help deal with the uncertainty head on.

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