Business Trend: What Your Employees are Thinking

Clint Pulver is an author and keynote speaker around the globe. He wrote “I Love It Here” and is known for being The Undercover Millennial in workplaces to learn what makes employees stay for the long run and what drives them out. In this Q&A, he’ll share a glimpse into this topic.

Women in Industry: Amber Schenck

Amber Schenck of ProLift looks to inspire and be inspired by those around her. She didn’t plan to end up with the career she has, but she’s so glad she did. She learns things every day, but the people make it special.

Money Matters: The Impact of Inflation

It is a generally accepted principle that moderate inflation is good for business. Moderate inflation has been a fact of life and the natural economic state for more than a century. For one thing, inflation is usually a sign that the economy is growing, which leads to higher demand.

Manufacturer Member Profile: Nashville Wire

Nashville Wire: Standing the Test of Time. From generation to generation, dating back to the Great Depression, Nashville Wire has been organically shifting and becoming the success it is today. From a tool and die shop operating out of an East Nashville garage, the company now has 1,300 associates and spans 12 manufacturing facilities.

The New Era of Digital Strategy Development and the Role of the Digital Strategy Savant

A Digital Strategy Savant is a person who is willing to think more expansively, and beyond the archaic strategy methods most companies are using today. The Savant understands that a digital strategy must be lofty, it must empower the business goals and not just “align” with them, and it has to place an organization technologically two years ahead of its competition.