Women in Industry: Casey Coats of Bolzoni Auramo Inc.

Where Women Can Thrive

Casey Coats Says the Material Handling Industry Welcomes Women with Open Arms

By Nicole Needles

Throughout Casey Coats’ life, leadership skills and passion for what she does have been apparent. From graduating high school with honors and serving on the Blazer Student Social Committee and the University of Alabama at Birmingham to leading a team in the manufacturing industry by teaching safety, she’s been leading up to a successful career.

Before her current Marketing & Events Coordinator position at Bolzoni Auramo Inc., she helped her team implement the OHSAS 18001 system in order to decrease risks, ensure legal compliance and improve overall performance. She then balanced starting a business with her husband and had her two daughters before returning to work in a temporary position with Bolzoni Auramo Inc. She thrived in the Marketing and Events department, where she soon became a Staff and Leadership Team member.

“I allowed my talents and skill set to shine through in my work where the company saw the need to create two positions to help further the company’s growth.” Coats said.

On top of understanding the importance of working hard and taking pride in everything she does, Coats understands the opportunity she has to lead as a woman in the materials handling industry. Since it is a male-dominated industry, it can be easy to shy away from the challenge of rising in the ranks. On the contrary, the industry needs women to be successful.

“I believe women play a vital role in the material handling industry because of our attentiveness to details, our cooperative approach in decision making and the way we embrace direct communication, placing a high value on relationships,” Coats said. “We do this all while skillfully integrating our personal and professional lives rather than compartmentalizing. We tend to see the need and attack the situation with the end goal in mind.”

Coats has had mentors and role models who have helped instill these mindsets in her. Growing up, she had her parents – notably her mother – as mentors and role models of hard work. She was inspired by her mother’s role in the construction industry and how she brought a new perspective to the company, making her a vital part of its success.

“Even when times were tough, she kept motivating herself with a drive that was positive and inspirational. She has been a major inspiration and mentor in my life,” Coats said.

Not only does she want to provide a fresh perspective, but she also wants to be on the other side of it where she can face a challenge and grow from it. “I’ve had the pleasure to work with people that did not frown upon opinions or advice from anyone inside the company,” Coats said.

Bolzoni Auramo Inc. has an open discussion policy and collaborative meetings that allow employees to be on a level playing field, regardless of their position in the food chain. The company’s president is present in discussions and welcomes all ideas, thoughts and opinions, which has inspired Coats to find areas that need growth and successfully effect change.

All of these aspects of her career, new perspectives, growing, leading, etcetera, have one thing in common: people. Coats feels that the people aspect of her job and building relationships is one of the best parts of what she does daily.

“Building relationships with integrity, honesty, strong communication and using a good level of emotional intelligence is key in my role,” Coats said.

The material handling industry has been a great fit for her, and she feels it has welcomed her, her input and experience with open arms.

“For this, I have not only made successful contacts but friends that are truly invested in my growth in this industry. And for that, I am thankful and blessed to have found this path in my career,” she said.