23 Ways to Make Your Company More Attractive in 2023

Is your company attractive to potential employees? It’s time to find out. The Miller Resource Group team has talked to candidates and hiring managers giving insight to what job hunters look for in a company. See the 23 steps for your company to take in 2023.

10 Steps To Helpful Feedback

Emerging Leaders Conference Keynote speaker, Shari Harley, will give you the tools to “Say Anything to Anyone”. We’ve all been there. Someone does something irritating and we must decide to speak up or say nothing. We ask ourselves – is it worth it? If someone else’s behavior has a significant impact on them, on your organization or you, it’s OK to say something. Learn the things to consider before having a difficult conversation.

Connecting for Keeps

Sean Bott, Emerging Leaders Conference Speaker, gives advice to help leaders build authentic connections and servant leadership mindsets. He recently sat down with The MHEDA Journal to share a bit about his planned presentation, including the messages he hopes will inspire the up-and-coming leaders in the crowd.

Attracting and Retaining Hourly Employees

Hourly employees think differently about their jobs than salaried employees, period. I assumed that most people thought about their jobs the same way that I thought about my job. I was wrong.

Turn Uncertainty to Your Competitive Advantage

If the last few years have taught us nothing else, they have taught us that our lives, our businesses, our health – things can change in a moment's notice. And every year, the pace of change seems to get faster, the challenges seem to get bigger and the marketplace becomes even more uncertain.