7 Digital Strategies Leaders Can Apply To Prosper in the Next 5 Years

These might be new skills you need to add to your leadership inventory. The good news is these are also fairly new for every other leader. You can evolve as a leader if you choose to learn and grow your digital strategy skills. And put in the hard work to get there!

Leadership Lessons with Connie Costner

In the year 2000, I ventured into the material handling industry, despite being new to this field, equipped with my associate degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. My previous experience of owning and operating two successful businesses helped me to apply similar principles and skills to build the business.

Women in Industry: Corinne Wilson of EnerSys

When it comes to women in material handling or other industries, Wilson feels that they are only becoming more talented, more vital and, most importantly, more valued. “I’m in awe of the women in this industry and in the general workforce. We are bringing more to the table than our mothers before us. We are louder, bolder and proudly raising our hands.” she said.

MHEDA Congratulates Honor Scholarship Recipients

MHEDA would like to thank those who contributed to the 2023 Honor Scholarship in collaboration with the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (MHEFI). We also congratulate the three winners who have worked hard and proven themselves as promising material handling professionals.

A “Jeanius” Way To Give Back

Thompson & Johnson is a family-owned company based in New York and has been giving back to the community for years through its Blue Jean Fridays initiative. The initiative allows employees to wear blue jeans on Fridays if they donate money, and the company matches that amount to contribute to a different charity every month.