Why Are There So Many Hackers?

June 3, 2022Duration: 57:37

The number of hackers and the number of organizations getting hacked has exploded. Organizations around the globe have experienced an exponential number of attacks against their networks, employees, vendors and intellectual property. This webinar explores the world of cyber criminals and how easy it is to become a cyber threat actor. With today’s threat actors ability to hide behind a variety of pseudo anonymous crypto currencies, combined with the ease of obtaining hacking resources, you will see what makes the life of cybercrime extremely attractive. As the ransomware threat continues to grow by shutting down businesses, we will provide you with the roadmap to understand digital criminals and minimize the impact on your organization, as well as what to do in the case you have to deal with an unfortunate incident.


  • Understand why your business needs to be protected.
  • Understand why your employees need to be trained to spot cyber threats.
  • Know how to be prepared in the event you get compromised

About the Speaker

Steve Stasiukonis serves as President of Secure Network Technologies, focusing on Penetration Testing, Information Security Risk Assessments, Incident Response and Digital Investigations.

Steve has worked in the field of Information Security for over 25 years, specializing in the use of technology to identify information security vulnerabilities, assessing risk and the collection of digital intelligence.

As a part of that experience, Steve is an expert in Social Engineering. Steve carries numerous security certifications by various organizations and also serves as a columnist for Information Week magazine and DarkReading.

About Secure Network

Secure Network Technologies, Inc is a full service information security consulting firm based out of Syracuse, NY. Secure Network offers the widest range of security and investigative services with a large client base both domestically and internationally. Since 1997, Secure Network has been one of the largest growing and highly publicized security firms in the United States, with research and articles featured in powerhouses such as Dark Reading, The Wall Street Journal, Tripwire Magazine, among others.

We are, admittedly, a unique group of individuals. Our backgrounds range from a variety of vertical markets and we have been proven to think outside the box. What makes us different is:

  • Information Security is our ONLY business. Our clients know our findings are completely objective and in their best interest.
  • Our staff consist of highly trained and certified cybersecurity veterans who focus on the offensive side of information security.
  • We understand the cybersecurity headaches your organization faces. Our job is help you become more secure and act as an independent information security partner.

We’re not afraid to take on challenges. We find the most challenging tasks the most enjoyable ones!