Why Accountability Is The Most Important Part Of Culture

March 25, 2022Duration: 52:44

Lack of accountability is a recipe for a dysfunctional workplace. And the absence of accountability goes beyond affecting your workforce, it is guaranteed to trickle down into the customer experience. But how can you as a leader actually make accountability stick in your organization?


  • The difference between responsibility & accountability
  • How to embed & reinforce accountability
  • The Ultimate Accountability
  • The Key to Better Management

About the Speaker

Al Curnow is a Senior Consultant with High Performing Culture (HPC). HPC helps organizations create, drive and maintain high performing cultures, with a proven system that’s straightforward, practical, and easy to use.

He works with CEO’s of many diverse industries. Al is a skilled presenter and has spoken to numerous groups including General Motors, PACE, Chambers of Commerce, VISTAGE International and Athletic Interscholastic and Coaches groups. Prior to his consulting career, Al was a senior leader for more than 20 years in the employee benefits industry.

Al received his Bachelor of Arts from The University of Rhode Island and completed graduate work in Business Administration at The University of Missouri in Kansas City. Al is married with two children and resides in East Greenwich, RI.