The Wild Wild West of Marketing Technology

June 23, 2023Duration: 54:58

Digital marketing today is made up of two key components: having the knowledge, skill, and expertise to build a strategic program + having the right tools in place to get the job done. It can be extremely intimidating for today’s business leaders to know the best marketing technology available. “I don’t know what I don’t know” seems to be stated loudly and often. This session reviewed some “need to have” tools that should be in your tech stack and the importance of automations and integrations.

Presented by Brian Bluff, CEO & Co-Founder of Site-Seeker

Brian co-founded Site-Seeker with his brother Eddie in 2003. He loves charts, tables, graphs – not necessarily in that order. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Brian earned his bachelor’s in microelectronic engineering at RIT and spent several years in the United States Navy.

He went on to work for some of the country’s most successful companies including Pfizer, M&T Bank, and PAR Technology, where he held several vice president positions. Now in his role as CEO at Site-Seeker, Brian continues to help strategize on client accounts and supports our sales efforts. He also shares the secrets of digital marketing on the national stage.