The Importance of a Multi-Channel Marketing Program

April 7, 2023Duration: 53:21

Just like diversifying a financial portfolio, it’s best to have an omnichannel approach when it comes to marketing. This means making sure you’re present, active, and engaged across multiple channels. The average buyer today has 20-30 touchpoints with a brand before making a purchase. And those touchpoints are certainly not coming from one single channel. From website to ads to email to social, let’s discuss the importance of an omnichannel strategy and why it’s so critical to marketing success today.

Presented by Devon Hoffman, Digital Marketing & Sales Specialist at Site-Seeker

Devon joined Site-Seeker in 2016 as a digital marketing assistant. His creativity has driven his ability to create custom, client-focused content. He now supports a number of facets throughout the company, holding the position of Digital Marketing and Sales Specialist Team Lead. In addition to finding new partners for Site-Seeker to provide services for, he manages his own accounts and offers marketing support to various Organizations and Associations Site-Seeker belongs to.

Devon prides himself on being able to wear a number of hats and support various projects and clients. These projects can range from graphic design, content creation, lead nurturing, online advertising, and marketing plan creation. Devon has his bachelor’s degree in Web Development (from SUNY Cobleskill) and a prior career in the retail, tourism, and event management industry.