How Sales and Marketing Can Work Together to Close More Deals

May 19, 2023Duration: 46:03

Sales and marketing have historically been at odds with one another. “Give us more leads!” sales says. “We gave you leads, how about you actually close them!” marketing responds. Without the right expectations, collaboration structure, or proper tools – it’s easy to see the waste, cost and negativity that can exist when these teams aren’t marching to the same beat. Let’s talk about the importance of unifying these teams and how you can shorten sales cycles and close more deals through better teamwork.

About the Speaker

Matt Ford oversees business operations at Site-Seeker, managing and guiding the staff, enhancing the culture and helping the team appreciate and leverage their unique and collective strengths. Matt’s 25+ years in business have spanned various countries, industries and ventures. In 2011 Matt joined Site-Seeker full time after various roles managing sport arenas, stadiums and professional teams. Throughout his career, Matt has enjoyed the variety of managing his own small businesses as well as working for larger companies in Hershey, PA and Rochester, where he oversaw the planning and execution of thousands of live events over a 15 year span.

Today, Matt leads the team as President and continues to focus on building a healthy organization, enhancing the culture and growing the business while investing in the team that takes great care of our clients.