Zion Solutions Group Partners with Addverb

Oklahoma City (October 31, 2023) – Here at Zion Solutions Group, we’re committed to pushing the envelope of innovation, which is why we are excited to partner with Addverb, a premier technology company for automation and robotics. Together, we’ll embark on this fantastic journey – redefining the future of aerospace distribution and logistics.

Addverb, a leading automation and robotics solutions company, and Zion Solutions Group, a premier provider of full-service system integrations, announce their partnership on a groundbreaking development of an 845,000 SF distribution center facility in Oklahoma City for an aerospace client and their military engine operations.

In the face of rising demands for efficient logistics, Zion Solutions Group demonstrates its dedication to navigate this customer’s expansion following their Zion Life Cycle process on a complete Design-to-Build transformation. This partnership will leverage Addverb’s renowned Medius -Multi-Level Shuttle and Zippy-Sorting Robot solutions to streamline processes and ensure efficient facility operations.

“Our goal is consistent innovation, and who better to collaborate with than Addverb, with their world-class products and technologies capabilities that help solve our customer’s problems,” commented Jim Shaw, President at Zion Solutions Group. “Our collaboration with Addverb is driven by a mutual ambition to deliver memorable experiences and guide intelligent change.”

Integrating Addverb’s technology solutions is expected to reduce lead times, offering heightened responsiveness and efficiency. The site will feature Addverb’s Medius and Zippy robotic automation solutions for automating both Material Handling and Picking operations, including goods-to-person robotic automation and storage. Sriram Sridhar, CRO for Addverb North America stated “We’re very excited about this partnership, its going to benefit the client at every level of their operation.”

For more information about Addverb, please visit addverb.com and Zion Solutions Group, please visit https://thezsg.com/

About Addverb:

Founded in 2016, Addverb offers AI-enabled fixed & flexible Automation solutions, offering clients new levels of efficiency, reliability, and revenue. Our AI-driven solutions and software are designed specifically to serve the global E-Commerce, Warehouse Distribution, and Manufacturing industries. Addverb is a global technology company with headquarters in North America, India, the Netherlands, and Singapore. For more information, visit www.addverb.com.

About Zion Solutions Group

Zion Solutions Group is a full-service Supply Chain Integration Group focused on a singular message: Deliver Memorable Experiences and Guide Intelligent Change. With over 90 years of experience in Material Handling Integration, Supply Chain Consulting, and Operations, the group handles everything from consulting to implementation to post-go-live support. Our design and integration solutions are tailored to customers’ needs and utilize leading-edge technologies.


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