Sentry Protection Products Introduces Beam Bumpers™ – Protection from immovable objects in low clearance areas

Lakewood, OH, September 2023 – Wherever there’s a low-clearance area – passageway, rack beam, overhead pipes, door overhangs – that presents a chance for someone to run into an immovable object, that’s a place for Beam Bumpers.

Retrieving materials or boxes from rack shelves can be dangerous if order pickers misjudge the clearance between their head and the rack beam. That can lead to one of the most common types of injuries for warehouse workers – head injury.

Beam Bumpers wrap these immovable objects in a layer of highly visible, energy absorbing material that lessens the impact and helps prevent serious injury.

Made of low-density ARPRO®, a high-performance engineering material, Beam Bumpers attach to the front and bottom of the beam with straps. The closed cell structural foam absorbs impact energy to lessen the force of the hit.

Beam Bumpers attach to the front and bottom of the beam, adding a cushion to protect the beam from collisions and protecting workers from head bumps. They are easily installed with VELCRO® straps that wrap around the bumpers to hold them in place. Bumpers are movable from location to location if needed.

Each bumper measures one meter (or 39.3”) in length, with a thickness of 2.25” and extends 3.35” from the corner on each side. Bumpers are customizable. They can be cut for shorter areas and bumpers can be added for longer applications. Beam Bumpers are sold in cartons of four and are available in yellow or black with black straps.

About Sentry Protection Products

Sentry Protection Products is a leading provider of innovative, impact resistant products for industrial applications. Manufactured in the United States and Europe and sold worldwide, the award winning, patented product line includes Column Sentry®, Rack Sentry®, Concrete Wrap™, Park Sentry®, Corner Sentry™ and Collision Sentry®. Sentry is headquartered in Lakewood, OH. For additional information call 1.888.265.8660, email, visit or follow Sentry’s Twitter feed @SentryProtect.

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