Modula and Ferag Enter into Strategic Partnership for Expanded Product Portfolio

Hinwil/Casalgrande, February 13, 2024 – Modula, a leading provider of automated vertical storage systems, and Ferag, a market leader in intralogistics solutions, announce their new collaboration. Through this new strategic relationship, the Swiss family-owned company expands its product portfolio with highly efficient vertical lift solutions, strengthening its expertise as a solution design specialist.

The partnership between Modula and Ferag marks a significant step towards holistic and efficient intralogistics. A highlight of this partnership is the launch of the new Ferag vertical lift product family “ferag.starlift”, consisting of the Standard, Slim and Pallet models. Inspired by the innovative technology of Modula, the ferag.starlift products offer efficient and space-saving solutions for the storage and handling of goods. With modern automated technology, they enable precise and fast storage and retrieval of products:  The intelligent vertical design maximizes the available storage area and therefore optimizes space requirements. The efficiency of intralogistics processes is increased through automated handling. The modular design can be adapted to a wide range of storage requirements and offers effortless integration into existing logistics processes.

At the time of its market launch, ferag.starlift already presents a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions. This will be continuously expanded to offer customers more complex and integrated solutions. In accordance with the quality standards of Modula and Ferag, ferag.starlift stands for durability and reliability. By performing repetitive, physically demanding tasks, this system significantly improves working conditions in warehouses, factories and distribution centers. With labor shortages, companies looking to automate warehouse, picking and material handling operations have the opportunity to not only increase productivity, but also provide their employees with more valuable tasks and a more ergonomic work environment.

“The ferag.starlift product family represents the innovation and commitment of both companies to outstanding intralogistics solutions. These in turn are not only the basis for our successful collaboration, but also a promise to our customers for innovative solutions and long-term excellence,” says Tommaso Ramundo, Group CEO at Ferag.

According to Massimiliano Gigli, Market Operations Director at Modula, the partnership between Ferag and Modula is characterized by shared corporate values that underline a strong, forward-looking and customer-oriented collaboration. “Shared values such as excellence, agility and sustainability are reflected in every facet of our partnership. Through outstanding performance, flexibility and a commitment to sustainable solutions, we are setting standards in the industry”.

The ferag.starlift will be presented for the first time in March 2024 at Modex in Atlanta (USA) and the LogiMAT in Stuttgart (Germany). The two trade fairs will therefore be the venue for the North American and European premiere of this innovative product. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the ferag.starlift and other products from the portfolio of the two intralogistics key players live in action and learn more about the pioneering functions and advantages of this new warehouse lift.


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