MECO’s September Employee Spotlight

MECO-Omaha believes in recognizing and celebrating employees like Steve McClintock! Their dedication and loyalty allows MECO to manufacture America’s finest material handling and storage equipment, and is a solid foundation for our continued success!

Thanks Steve.

Q  & A with Steve McClintock

Role at MECO: Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Accomplishments at MECO:

A: Starting in assembly in 1987 and 36 years later becoming VP of Sales. First job at MECO was assembling items of drum handling equipment to build stock for our inventory to meet quick shipment requirements.

Best Advice:

A: Always treat your customers like you would want to be treated.

Something else to accomplish:

A: Continue to increase sales and make MECO a top name in the material handling world and for its world class service.

Outside Interests:

A: Watching and attending sporting events.

Favorite vacation spots:

A: Okoboji, Iowa just boating and relaxing at my cousins cabin.

Favorite Restaurant:

A: Brother Sebastian’s for streak and Mios for Italian.

Advice for next person:

A: Treat all people fairly and remember your customers are what keep your business going

What do you enjoy most about your job:

A: Meeting and networking with so many interesting people.

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