MECO’s October Employee Spotlight


MECO-Omaha believes in recognizing and celebrating employees like Rich Pigman! Their dedication and loyalty allows MECO to manufacture America’s finest material handling and storage equipment, and is a solid foundation for our continued success!

Thank’s Rich!

Accomplishments at MECO:

I’ve been at MECO for 35 years. My first three days I was cutting pins for cantilever rack on a cold saw. Now here I am, our Fabrication Manager.

Best advice:

My best advice is just to listen, whatever the subject may be.

Something else to accomplish:

I’ve already achieved many things in my life with my children and my job, but my next dream I would like to accomplish is to be able to retire.

Outside interests:

When I’m not at work I enjoy hunting quite a bit and riding around on my four wheeler. I also just like to have fun on the farm/acreage I live on.

Favorite vacation spots:

I would say my favorite place to vacation would be to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Favorite restaurant:

I don’t live in town so when I’m not enjoying my wife’s home-cooked meals I do enjoy an occasional visit to Lansky’s in Omaha.

Advice for next person:

My best advice to the next person in my shoes, or really anywhere else, is to have patience in everything you do.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy my job and working with my hands.

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