MECO’s November Employee Spotlight

MECO-Omaha believes in recognizing and celebrating employees like Kim Heiss! Their dedication and loyalty allows MECO to manufacture America’s finest material handling and storage equipment, and is a solid foundation for our continued success! Kim, Quality Assurance Specialist, has been with Modern Equipment Company for over 35 years, starting on March 9th, 1988. 

Thank’s Kim!

Accomplishments at MECO:

I would say my main accomplishments at MECO would be progressing through the ranks and holding various roles over the many years. I worked in welding for 15 years with a very fond memory of welding fixtures for the robots, as well as learning how to build CSC cages. I also worked as the president’s assistant for a time as well.

Best advice:

The best advice I can give is to always help anyone in any way that you can. The other is to learn what the company makes and the products that you are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

Something else to accomplish:

One of my personal goals is to pay my mortgage off. It’s hard to think of what else I would like to accomplish at MECO, since I have already accomplished so much over the last 20+ years.

Outside interests:

I enjoy tinkering around in my shop on my seven acres of land and enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods. I also enjoy driving my ATV around, working with my hands and remodeling my house. Currently I am trying to remodel and finish up the second floor of my house and hope to have it done by winter’s end.

Favorite vacation spots:

I don’t really have any favorite vacation spots, I just like to enjoy the land I own. I like burning brush out in the forest and cleaning up that area. I have been on a couple of cruises to Alaska and the Bahamas. There are a few other places I would like to go such as going to see my relatives in Idaho and my aunt in Alabama.

Favorite restaurant:

My favorite place to eat and grab a steak in Omaha would be The Drover. I highly recommend it!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working at MECO because it is a rewarding challenge.

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