Members Give Back

Concept’s Culture Group: Dedicated to Community

Concept Services, headquartered in Copley, Ohio, provides multi-channel lead generation solutions to many MHEDA member companies and throughout the material handling industry. Not only is Concept unique in its approach with clients, but it also has an entire team dedicated to giving back to the community.

Concept employees bring new ideas and nonprofits to the table, and the internal Culture Group meets once a month to decide on their next “Give Back” initiative. This group ensures that employees are heard, makes a plan and takes action to give employees the opportunity to participate in a Give Back initiative every quarter.

Of the many nonprofits Concept works with, it recently helped local animal shelters, Habitat for Humanity and Good Neighbors. Good Neighbors is an organization in Akron, Ohio, that allows those in

need to shop for basic supplies like food, clothes and toiletries at no cost. The Good Neighbors Store stays open for a few hours every week, and anyone who enters can get what they need free of charge.

Concept also has taken the initiative to bring truckloads of food, hygiene supplies and basic need care kits to an area called “Tent City” outside of Cleveland.

Giving back and volunteering time is important to Concept and its employees.

“Companies should listen to their employees and let them tell us where we should put our efforts,” said Jerrod Workman, Controller. “Our Culture Group is a judge-free zone. We take any idea into consideration. Since volunteering is one of our core values, we like to hear what our employees are thinking. If the idea sticks, we run with it.”


Bode Focuses on Employees, Family and Those in Need

Bode Equipment, headquartered in Londonderry, New Hampshire, is a turn-key distributor of material handling systems, construction and loading dock/door solutions. Not only does Bode Equipment care about its clients and partners, Bode cares deeply about employees and the surrounding community.

Bode Equipment partnered with Marketplace Chaplains, which may not be familiar to many, but is referred to as “Front-Line Support for your Employees’ Mental Health.” Kevin Fortier from Marketplace Chaplains is an extension of Bode Equipment, and he is available 24/7 to every employee as well as every employee’s family. Over the years, Kevin has gotten to know the entire company and family members, which provides an outlet for Bode Equipment to give back to the community.

“Marketplace Chaplains provides a real and meaningful benefit to business owners and their employees,” Fortier said. “We build relationships and friendships and are there for good times and bad. The beauty of this story is that our relationships go both ways. It is a huge blessing to give Bode Equipment a pathway to help those who are in need in our community. Their impact goes well beyond the dollar amount. It is such a powerful statement when people look beyond their four walls to see the needs of the world around them.”

Scott Fawcett, President of Bode Equipment, makes an impact on each employee and ensures that Bode Equipment makes an impact in the greater Manchester, New Hampshire, area. Through Kevin and Emmaus Church, Scott helped with two big initiatives. The first was helping students from the inner-city elementary school by providing backpacks filled with required school supplies. The second was filling backpacks with essentials for the winter to help the large homeless population. To help with these efforts, Bode Equipment donated $1,000.

“In the end, we try to assist any program that hits a cord with me or an employee,” Fawcett said. “We strive to be a positive influence in the community, but not for marketable recognition.”