Members Give Back: Eastern Lift Truck and Worldwide Material Handling

Eastern Lift Truck Co. Goes Beyond the Business

By Nicole Needles

Eastern Lift Truck Co. challenges and empowers each of its 18 mid-Atlantic locations to get involved in their respective communities, leave a positive impact and think beyond the day-to-day operations of the business. Amanda Hartsock, branch manager at Eastern Lift’s Hagerstown, Maryland branch shares, “I think that’s part of what comes out of what we do as a service organization. Our focus is investing back into the community that supports us. It is a powerful testimony when people can look beyond their own four walls to see the needs of the communities around them.”

Hartsock and her Eastern Lift Truck colleagues often take their lunch hour break at the Salvation Army of Hagerstown to serve a lunchtime meal to those in need. The Salvation Army was selected for its great reputation and steadfast work to combat hunger and homelessness in the community. Eastern Lift’s volunteers return to the office feeling energized, excited to see their efforts appreciated and helping to make an immediate impact. The Salvation Army has expressed overwhelming gratitude and Eastern Lift has sent additional volunteers to the kitchen, with eager offers to support whenever needed.

As Hartsock explains, the Eastern Lift Truck Co. management team has recognized that volunteering often helps equip employees to learn new skills or enhance existing ones. Examples include problem solving, self-management, decision-making, empathy and communication – all skills that can help an employee succeed in vital roles within the company. The Hagerstown branch also participates in the annual Toys for Tots campaign, supports the Humane Society of Washington County, donates school supplies to Children in Need of Hagerstown at the start of each school year and provides supplies to The Hope Center, a Hagerstown women’s shelter.

Already looking ahead to 2024, the team is exploring opportunities to serve with more organizations such as Sweet Dreams for Kids in Need and Habitat for Humanity, among others.

“I appreciate the chance to tell our story. We are hopeful that we set an example, and somebody else can say, ‘You know, we could do something like that,’ so somewhere along the line, it encourages somebody else to get involved,” said Hartsock.

Worldwide Material Handling Jumps on the Give-Back Bus

By Nicole Needles

In a heartwarming show of support for their local community, Worldwide Material Handling recently threw its weight behind MorningStar Mission’s Jump on the Bus program.

Worldwide, a respected organization in the industry has a history of philanthropic endeavors. They have previously collaborated with MorningStar Mission and its affiliated charities. However, the Jump on the Bus program was a fresh discovery for them. As they learned about the initiative earlier this year, it quickly became evident that this was the donation drive they wanted to rally behind.

The Jump on the Bus program, spearheaded by MorningStar Mission, aims to support students impacted by the educational challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Students everywhere have faced hurdles in school ever since Covid began, and their education has undoubtedly been affected. We hoped this was an opportunity to take some stress off low-income families during a time that’s already difficult,” said Karina Kedaitis, marketing assistant at Worldwide Material Handling.

Approximately 30 employees from Worldwide participated in the donation drive, illustrating the collective commitment to making a positive impact. Small contributions can make a significant difference, and even a simple pack of pencils can be a game-changer for a student in need. The company’s involvement in charitable activities is not limited to this. They have an established tradition of annual give-back efforts. While the timing may vary depending on the chosen cause, their aim is to undertake one or two charity drives each year. The causes they support are diverse, focusing on aiding organizations that make a substantial difference in their community.

“We base the timing of the donation on the program we choose. It’s much easier to find active charity drives around the holidays, but we especially love opportunities to give back during the less popular times of the year,” said Kedaitis.

Their annual efforts have previously included collecting winter coats for the less fortunate, creating greeting cards to brighten the days of young patients in children’s hospitals, contributing to UNICEF to aid Ukrainian refugees and collecting stuffed animals for children in abusive situations.

“Being on the outskirts of Chicago means we have an abundance of charities to get involved with. We’re always on the lookout for a compelling way to help the surrounding communities and we hope our efforts make a difference for someone,” said Kedaitis.