Flight Systems Industrial Products: “We Are One”

Supplier Member Profile

By Nicole Needles

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) manufactures and remanufactures electronics for electronic vehicles and equipment and designs electronic systems for OEMs. FSIP is a TVH company, the largest global distributor of material handling parts.

From its beginning as a department at Flight Systems 55 years ago to branching off as its own company and expanding its markets from aviation, FSIP has carried its company values with pride. With these core values, the company continues to grow by adding high-quality products, broadening manufacturing capabilities and continuously expanding its partnerships with electronic manufacturers and connections with vehicle manufacturers.

The company’s values and culture follow the “We Are One” values defined by TVH, which include pursuing excellence, acting with joy, taking the initiative, remaining open-minded and showing courage.

“Those values are set up for a number of reasons to help with our company environment, retain staff, drive engagement and affect performance. It’s what makes our business unique. So, company culture is very important. Both FSIP and TVH take those very seriously,” said Pam Jones, general manager at FSIP.

The way the company pursues excellence is evident in how it has experienced year-over-year growth. The aim is to continue expanding into new markets and provide a more comprehensive array of product selections for the material handling industry. The FSIP team aims to understand customer needs and provide the required products to run their business. They are experts in the products and services they provide, which is why they provide technical support to assist customers with troubleshooting their vehicles. Customer service is critical to the company and to its growth.

Jones said, “Customer service, how we respond to and assist our customers, is very important to us. I hold that to the highest standard. We have seen a lot of changes, especially with supply chain issues, because that’s when our company comes into play.”

All company values seep into each part of the business, but the employee culture is where acting with joy truly shines. FSIP started programs such as the Superhero and Ignitor programs to encourage employee involvement and happiness. The Superhero program is a recruiting incentive program for employees to add friends, family or acquaintances to the FSIP family. Once they’re on board, the Ignitor program pairs them with an employee in a different department who will show them the ropes and check in to ensure the transition into a new job is as smooth as possible.

“The program helps ignite new employees to feel part of our team quicker and sooner,” Jones said. “We look for our staff to have the opportunity of career development internally to be able to retain them to see what their interests are. We work hard on that.”

The third company value is to take the initiative. FSIP tackles this by staying ahead of customer demands and industry changes. Even though supply chain issues in the industry have caused difficulties, FSIP works proactively to understand the customer’s needs and provide the necessary support to run their business.

“We always look to improve upon that. But supply chain issues in the last few years have caused a lot of pain throughout the industry. And we need to be proactive right now in understanding the customer’s needs to get them what they’re required to run their business,” Jones said.

Taking industry, ownership and market changes in stride is all about being open minded. The company is dedicated to keeping an open line of communication with its customers, partners and employees. FSIP is always listening. This is how they continue to expand into new markets and find new opportunities to grow the business. The team knows how important communication can be in their line of work. Offering everyone they work with an ear to listen, being down-to earth and easy to communicate with makes all the difference for the customer experience. Overall, FSIP is committed to providing exceptional customer service and staying ahead of the curve with technological advancements to support the industry’s changing needs.

Finally, running a business in the material handling industry means being able to adapt and overcome, which takes courage. Showing courage is the final but not the least essential value that FSIP holds itself to. As more equipment is powered by electric vehicles, FSIP has experienced growth in manufacturing and remanufacturing electronics to help keep costs down for equipment owners. By offering remanufactured options, customers can replace parts and equipment without always having to purchase new ones. While technology has helped to support the industry, it’s also caused it to change rapidly. FSIP is facing the changing tides head-on to keep up with these changes to provide a wider array of product selections for the material handling industry to support the dealer network.

“There are big things in the works for us. We’re investing back in the company to make sure that we have the ability to keep growing,” Jones said.