Master Manager

Access 10 e-Learning management and finance modules.
Network with your MHEDA peers cohort.
Connect during live Zoom events with subject matter experts.
Learn from anywhere in the world on your own schedule.

MHEDA Master Manager is an eight-week facilitated eLearning program. In addition to the e-Learning, every two weeks you will have the opportunity to participate in a live Zoom meeting with fellow MHEDA Members and learn from subject matter experts. Master Manager is designed to help you learn the foundational principles and the most valuable strategies of a traditional MBA curriculum, at a fraction of the cost and time.

Timeline and Important Dates


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Registration Fee

$795 pp – Early Bird Member Rate (Until September 24)
$995 pp – Member Rate (After September 24)

Includes access to eight weeks of eLearning content and five live Zoom events with your MHEDA peers and experts.

Who Should Attend

The “Master Manager” program is designed to equip new and seasoned managers teams with vital management tools and financial fundamentals to accelerate personal and professional success. Note: This program is exclusively available to MHEDA Members. Program minimum is 18 attendees/maximum is 36 attendees.



  • 8-Weeks of Self-Paced MBA Based Curriculum: Anytime, anywhere access to 10 on-demand eLearning modules on your mobile or computer.
  • Unique Interactive eLearning Elements: On-demand videos, interactive exercises, downloadable resources, audio stories, learning retention quizzes, end-of-program exam, and real-life company examples.
  • A Co-Learning Experience: Between the live sessions (via Zoom) you have the opportunity to ‘peer-to-peer network’ within our learning management system.
  • Live Industry Expert Facilitated Sessions: Bi-weekly you will have the opportunity to meet (via Zoom) the guest experts, Tim Hilton & John Cioffi, along with a group of your peers to explore the strategies learned in the modules.
  • MHEDA Master Manager Certification: Upon completion, you will receive a digital badge as a “MHEDA Certified Master Manager” you can use on LinkedIn, your resume, or anywhere you want to stand out as a “Master Manger!”


Week One: Set Goals All the Time (October 6 – October 13)

Craft a vision, your long-term goals three to five years from now and the North Star for your entire team. Learn what makes a ‘good goal’ and create company-wide, department-level and individual goals that align with your vision.

Week Two: Focus on the Process, Not a Plan (October 13 – October 20)

Get a baseline of your company’s current status by collecting valuable information from the entire organization. Adopt an agile planning process to adapt in today’s ever-changing conditions.

Week Three: Coach the Right People (October 20 – October 27)

Clearly define positions and create position descriptions for ourselves and key roles within your organization. Identify the right natural abilities and determine if your people are in the best place for success.

Week Four: Serve the Right Customer (October 27 – November 3)

Identify your right customers, then determine how you find more of them. Build a sales process, streamline your operations processes, and foster a culture and strategies necessary to serve the right customer.

Week Five: Empower Your Entire Team (November 3 – November 10)

Learn how managers empower their team members by establishing clear goals and allowing people to achieve those goals in their own way. Implement our empowerment system of “wide boulevards, high curbs.”

Week Six: Do the Right Things Right (November 10 – November 17)

Use six simple tools to measure and manage your company’s performance. Build your own System of Managing, provide clarity and purpose, steering team members to accomplish their individual and company goals.

Week Seven: Demystifying the Financials (November 17 – November 24)

Understand how to read and use financial statements through our case study as real-world context. Learn how to use projections, inventory, accounts receivable, and cash flow to build stronger businesses.

Week Eight: Using the Financials (November 24 – December 1)

Focus on elements that grow (or shrink) the bottom line, starting by calculating your own financial ratios and setting realistic goals. Understand how to use cash flows and break-even analysis in everyday decisions.


The MHEDA Master Manager eight-week facilitated program will run from October 6th – December 1st. You will gain access to two modules every two weeks. In between each of the two weeks, we hold live Zoom events with subject matter experts John Cioffi & Tim Hilton.

The Live Sessions will take place via Zoom from 12 pm – 1 pm CT.

  1. October 6 – Program Kick-Off
  2. October 20* – Vision, Goals, Company Assessment & Business Planning Process
  3. November 3* – Hiring, Coaching, Position, Customer, Sales, Operations & Strategy
  4. November 17* – Management Styles, Systems of Management & Financial Preparedness
  5. December 1 – Wrap Up & Graduation

*Enjoy 30-minutes of insight from John Cioffi and Tim Hilton, followed by 30-minutes of peer-to-peer conversations.


John Cioffi, the Chief Content Officer at GoalMakers, has spent the last 30-years, coaching hundreds of clients to success. He previously ran a subsidiary of Amoco Oil subsidiary, a Fortune 100 company, and held executive positions at several other companies in a wide variety of industries. John received his MBA from The Wharton School and holds a Master’s in from Dartmouth. He is the instructor throughout the program, and developed these materials himself.


Tim Hilton is a past-president of MHEDA and was the former owner and CEO of Carolina Handling, the Raymond Dealer in the Southeast and leader in the intralogistics business. Prior to joining the company he worked for two Fortune 500 companies in the financial industry. He led the company for 35 years and retired in 2013. During that time the company grew from $5 million in sales to $300 today with about 600 Associates. He considers the professional development of the Associates and the commitment to strategic planning to be the primary reasons for the continued success of the company. He currently is an advisor and coach to a number of leaders. Tim will be providing personal insight and experience of the application of the principles of the content.


Jeremy Wall is the CEO of GoalMakers. Jeremy will be guiding you throughout the eight-week program and is available for support at any point outside of our live sessions throughout the eight weeks. Wall has a background in product design and business development, most recently as CEO of an IoT company in the mobility industry. After exiting that business, Wall did private consulting before joining Cioffi to expand GoalMakers programs to a global audience in the online training & education market.



MHEDA Master Manager Program Page: An overview of the MHEDA Master Manager Program with links to register today.

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