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Over 600 distributor and manufacturer companies worldwide utilize MHEDA's resources to keep their business competitive and employees connected. We invite you to join this professional network.



May 4-8, 2019, Phoenix, AZ

When you attend a MHEDA Convention, you will gather with hundreds of industry professionals under one roof for outstanding high quality education and have endless networking opportunities.



Professional Development

MHEDA provides learning opportunities taught by professionals who understand your material handling business challenges. Programs are available online/on-demand or in a live conference setting.



Economic Forecast Advisory

MHEDA has partnered with ITR Economics on a new economic report that features material handling industry specific data. This detailed quarterly report is available only to active MHEDA members.


  • New & Improved LMS Now Available

    Looking for affordable employee training? MHEDA has revamped our LMS (Learning Management System) with a more user-friendly platform. Choose from nine career tracks on a variety of business skills modules. Prices range from $20 to $399. Learn More

  • FREE On-Boarding Template

    A fully customizable on-boarding template, a $2,500 value, is now available to MHEDA members at no charge. This template can be used to assist in efforts to hire, train and maintain the best workforce possible! Learn more.

  • Cyber Security Tips

    John Sileo, cyber security expert, has produced a series of actionable videos about the tools you need to stop identity theft, cyber crime and the digital invasion of your privacy. Watch the videos.

Upcoming Events

  • Get Your Voice Mail Calls Returned Webinar

    Discouraged about leaving yet another voice mail? You’re not alone. When voice mail first came out, it was the hottest thing in business, and everyone anxiously checked and even responded to their voice mail no matter who was calling. But things have changed over the years and now people tend to hide behind their voice […]

  • DiSC Survey

    MHEDA’s 2019 DiSC Report is a distributor financial benchmarking study that annually provides key insights into exactly how the “high-profit firms” generate better profit numbers. It focuses intently on the three profit drivers: growth, gross margin and expenses. More details will be posted as they become available.

  • How to Become an Employer of Choice Webinar

    In this webinar, you will hear how two dealerships created a business environment that attracted top level talent while significantly reducing turnover. Presented by Buddy Smith, former Owner/President of CMH Services and Todd Maxwell, COO, RMH Systems