Worldwide Celebrates 1 Year of ProDeck50

About 1 year ago, Worldwide rolled out the strongest pallet rack decking option on the market! Within that year, ProDeck50 has taken warehouses by storm- elevating storage capabilities in terms of weight capacity AND ease of use.

ProDeck50 sits above the rest because it’s made from one solid sheet of steel. The unique punched hole design allows for 50% air flow to meet NFPA13 fire code compliance. In addition to air flow, the narrow hole pattern is designed to help keep small parts from falling through the deck while still retaining the strength to handle bigger items as well. Even with the punched holes present, ProDeck50 is rated stronger than wire deck! 

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who has joined us in embracing the power of ProDeck50 this year! We’re eager to continue spreading the word about this stronger, more versatile decking option.

The full story is available on Worldwide’s blog post at


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