The Solution to Being “Soft in the Middle”

There are many items that are not forklift friendly.  These items maybe very long, or tall or narrow or a combination of all three like a triple window unit.  Some 12 and 16 foot patio doors are not supported in the middle except for the frame and packaging.

The Solution to being soft in the middle is “more support”.

The Scoop Dolly was developed by a vertical panel saw manufacture called Saw Trax to move their 10.5 ft. long, 7 ft. tall, 1 ft. wide crates containing their 500 lb. panel saws with one person.

Last year, a large door and window manufacturer approached Saw Trax about using their Scoop Dollies to move their 12 and 16 foot long patio door sets.  These sets can have the center doors removed for shipping so the packaging and frame are the only support in the middle.  An early solution was to use two attached Scoop Dollies separated by supports to be used as one unit.  This 10 foot wide machine worked great but was hard to store when not in use.  The engineers at Saw Trax came up with a simple solution, “Make a wider support lip”.

The support lip for this version went from 30” to 72”, almost 2.5 times larger.  This greater support allows a single scoop and single user to move these super wide door and window sets with ease.

This lip is an easy retrofit on earlier Scoop Dollies.

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