TGW wins VDI’s Logistics Innovation Award

• The picking robot Rovolution and its digital twin were honored by the VDI Society Production and Logistics

• The robotics solution makes autonomous decisions thanks to artificial intelligence

• Its digital twin makes behavior visible and comprehensible

Pictured f.l.t.r.: Jean Haeffs (Managing Director of the VDI Society Production and Logistics), Prof. Johannes Fottner (Deputy Chair of the Jury), Christoph Wolkerstorfer (CSO TGW Logistics Group) and Gregor Blauermel (Chair of the Jury)

(Marchtrenk, 8 June 2022) With this award, the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI) honors companies’ outstanding achievements in terms of logistics innovation. TGW received the renowned Innovation Award for the self-learning picking robot Rovolution and its digital twin.

The award was presented by Gregor Blauermel (Chair of the Jury), Prof. Johannes Fottner (Deputy Chair of the Jury), and Jean Haeffs (Managing Director of the VDI Society Production and Logistics). “Rovolution receiving the Logistics Innovation Award is a magnificent validation of our development and innovation strategy, which focuses in particular on robotics, software, and digitalization,” points out Christoph Wolkerstorfer, Chief Sales Officer for TGW Logistics Group.

Rovolution: Intelligent and Self-Learning

Rovolution is an order picking robot that makes autonomous decisions about how to handle a situation based on insights gained from artificial intelligence, cognitive robotics, and image recognition. The intelligent technology continues to learn with every gripping operation, gathers experience, and is capable of recognizing patterns. “With Rovolution, TGW is taking automation one step further to offer a solution suited to the challenges of the market,” says Christoph Wolkerstorfer.

Digital Twin: Optimal Performance, Higher Transparency

Additionally, TGW has developed a digital twin for Rovolution—that is, a complete digital representation that is connected to the physical installation in real time and grows with it. The digital twin renders behavior and makes overall context visible, comprehensible, and predictable. It helps you analyze, learn from, and visualize data in 3D models.

This makes it possible not only to monitor the Rovolution’s current condition, but also to look back in time and identify causes of unexpected events by means of a replay function. It is even possible to look into the future with its Predictive Maintenance, for example. “With the digital twin, users benefit from optimum transparency, increased productivity, and a reduction of operating costs,” explains Christoph Wolkerstorfer.

About TGW Logistics Group

TGW Logistics Group is a leading systems integrator of automated warehouse solutions. With over 50 years of experience the automation specialist designs, manufactures, implements, and maintains end-to-end fulfillment solutions for brands such as Urban Outfitters, the Gap, and TVH.

TGW Logistics Group has subsidiaries in the US, Europe, and China and employs more than 4,000 people worldwide. In the 2020/21 fiscal year, the foundation-owned company generated a revenue of $952 million US dollars.

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