SilMan Industries Engaged for New Production Line with HP Hood

In-house construction capabilities create value-added results at Sacramento, Calif. facility as dairy producer expands capacity.

San Leandro, Calif.: The SilMan Industries Material Handing team has commenced work for New England-based diary producer HP Hood on improvements to expand the capabilities of its Sacramento, California plant.

In addition to SilMan’s material handling group implementing the new production line, the firm’s Site Services division has been retained to renovate existing infrastructure in support of the new technology and equipment.

SilMan was contracted by Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, also known as “Design Group” who is acting as “Owner Representative” for the project.

David Rebata, who leads the Material Handing division at SilMan said, “We appreciate the opportunity to work with HP Hood and to once again partner with Design Group. This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of our internal resources and provide exceptional value to the client in this complex, multi-phase endeavor.”

The HP Hood contracts represent continued growth in the Food and Beverage industry for SilMan Industries.

Scope of Work: Material Handing

The “Packaging Line Electrical Installation” implements all filler equipment, conveyance, palletizing, motors, and controls elements of the new system. Peripheral control applications include inspector/rejector, labeler, and bottle dryer.

Scope of Work: Infrastructure Improvements

The facility improvement phase, known as “Facility, Structural, and Mechanical Design and Build Project,” encompasses three primary aspects of work:

  1. Subterranean: prepare and install drainage piping to connect new construction with existing waste treatment infrastructure.
  2. Overhead: prepare walls and ceiling incoming utilities such as water, power, and air.
  3. Interior: concrete floor, concrete curb, tile installation, IMP wall, bollards, floor sinks, and hand wash/eyewash sinks.

SilMan’s Tupelo, Mississippi-based engineering team will provide design drawings and project management.

Corporate Structure Adds Value to Project

The HP Hood project is an example of how SilMan’s borderless three-division structure makes a unique contribution to project development and execution. Communication between multiple stakeholders is enabled by a single management resource, connecting multiple production schedules with engineering, administrative support, and onsite teams, and the client.

In this particular endeavor, HP Hood and Design Group are enjoying time and costs efficiencies provided by the interworking of SilMan’s veteran material handling and construction groups. Moreover, SilMan’s cloud-based real-time project management platform is a vital aspect to sustaining this collaboration.

Food & Beverage Projects at SilMan Industries

SilMan Material Handling and Site Services teams serve a variety of food and beverage companies.

Conveyance projects have been provided to Stags Leap, Dean Foods, and Tyson. The SilMan Site Services division provides facility infrastructure and specialized equipment services for Gallo Glass, Constellation Brands, and a recently completed filling line for vintner Opus One in Sonoma Valley.

About SilMan Industries

SilMan Industries (previously SilMan Construction) is based in San Leandro, California. Founded in 2008, the firm operates nationwide in three divisions – Construction, Material Handling, and Site Services – and partners with “best in class” companies in the Industrial, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Public Works sectors. For more information, please visit

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