“Right to Repair” Legislative Update

MHEDA is aware of and monitoring the current legislation moving through various states regarding proposed “Right to Repair” bills. MHEDA’s Mission is to serve as a resource for members to disseminate and respond to issues impacting their individual businesses. There are four primary websites related to this legislation including,

Coalition/Organizations Against Right to Repair Resources:


Organizations Supporting Right to Repair Resources:


It is our understanding that not every proposed bill currently includes material handling equipment but it is advisable that you research the impact of legislation being proposed in the state or regions where you do business. In legislative matters, the views expressed by a constituent-company to its elected officials will usually have a greater influence on legislators than a general statement from a national trade association.

To track legislation by state: https://r2rsolutions.org/news/update-tracking-right-repair-legislation-across-50-states/.

News stories are submitted by member companies. Publication of a story does not indicate an endorsement of any product, event, or company by MHEDA.