New Video Camera Option For Morse Power-Grip Provides Extra Dimension of Visibility

The fork truck operator gets a superior, bird’s-eye view of drum position and dispensing with the new video camera option for the Morse Grip+Go™. With this extra viewing angle, the operator can more quickly and accurately lift, move and pour from a drum without leaving the truck controls.

The operator can quickly choose or change almost any camera location and viewing angle because the camera attaches with strong magnets and is aimed with bendable, flexible legs.

Steel, poly or fiber drums are better seen while being inverted, rotating forward up to 180 degrees. With Grip+Go, the operator has accurate control of the drum tilt function throughout the range of motion, from upright to fully inverted, and at every selected height. Drums of various sizes can be easily grasped from off the floor, a pallet, racking and trucks, among numerous other locations. Pendant control and wireless control options are also available. The camera option enhances every move and is available factory installed or as a kit for user installation.

Morse — “The Specialist in Drum Handling” – has originated most drum handling advancements world-wide, and offers the widest product line of over 100 items, plus custom engineered versions, and provides users with the most extensive and expert dealer support network.

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