Materials Handling Community Helps Forkliftaction Celebrate 20 Years

Members of the materials handling community have congratulated Forkliftaction on the 20th anniversary of the only global news service and business platform dedicated to the sector.

To mark the milestone on 7th July 2020, the materials handling website has published a range of commemorative content, from a news story and feature report to a special testimonial article, all highlighting respect amongst the materials handling community for the global platform.

“Over the years, Forkliftaction has become a major channel to disseminate business developments, innovations and trends throughout the industry globally. Whilst social media has transformed the way companies communicate and news spreads, Forkliftaction has the agility and edge to remain a preferred medium, the go-to platform to know what’s going on and what’s coming up in our industry,” says Olivier Janin, secretary general of FEM.

The loyalty of Forkliftaction members and industry professionals has played a significant role in the longevity of the industry website. This loyalty has been reflected in the many notes of congratulations that have been received by the Forkliftaction team in honor of the anniversary.

CEO Ann Hofmans says: “We continue to receive so many encouraging and generous messages from Forkliftaction readers, forum users and contributors, and long-term advertisers, all explaining the ways in which Forkliftaction has helped them over the years find useful information, develop business leads and reach out and connect with professionals all over the world. When we launched Forkliftaction in 2000, it was these types of benefits that we hoped to offer our members. It is so gratifying to read this feedback and we thank everyone who has written in – it keeps us going.”

Another factor in the long-term success of Forkliftaction has been the website’s commitment to continuous improvement, seen in the complete make-over and technical overhaul of in 2019.

Other recent innovations include a local news column for each world region, advanced geo-targeting that allows companies to promote products to specific markets and, in response to the challenges faced by Forkliftaction advertisers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the creation of a Virtual Expo and new ‘like-system’, which now allows readers to express appreciation for showcased products.

Although Forkliftaction’s small and dedicated team continues to focus on scaling up its independent media product, an unwavering focus on forklifts and materials handling remains at its core.

Reflecting on the strength of Forkliftaction as a ‘voice’ in the industry, Forkliftaction News editor Allan Leibowitz says: “when I speak to readers, what they like most is our laser-sharp focus. Increasingly, I hear things like ‘in one page, I see everything I need to know about what’s happening in the industry’.”

This opinion is shared by Liz Richards, CEO of MHEDA: “Forkliftaction is a trusted news source and the industry has benefited from the cutting-edge information they provide…”

Founder Michael Leu says “the fact that Forklfitacton continues to go from strength to strength while larger, better resourced media players have fallen by the wayside shows we’re doing something right”.

Today, the website connects 73,000+ materials handling professionals to independent news and business resources such as discussion forums, online machine sales, business directory, job alerts, safety blogs and industry events.

Online subscription continues to be free and immediate.

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