Forkliftaction Updates for 1,000th Edition

Forkliftaction has revealed an updated website with improved navigation, coinciding with the 1,000th edition of the newsletter.

The revamp has been implemented to improve the reading experience and make the content easier to find.

“We hope that with these changes, more users will find their way through our large website and enjoy their visits,” says CEO Ann Hofmans.

“The changes are mostly related to better navigation, improved usability and a decluttering of the design, all aimed at sharing our breaking news, features, blogs and huge archive of historic materials handling information,” she adds.

Designed to improve the reading experience, the new simplified design removes unnecessary material and makes it easier to browse and search the content generated in 20 years and 1,000 editions of Forkliftaction News.

Allan Leibowitz, who has edited the newsletter since 2007, says many of the tens of thousands of articles which have been published by Forkliftaction are still useful years after they first appeared, and the company’s developers are constantly working to make it easier to access all the material on the site.

“We continue to apply leading-edge programming advances to make the most of our online resources, and this becomes even more effective as our audience gets more accustomed to web publications,” he explains. “The newsletter and its audience have come a long way since the first text-based email to a handful of industry insiders on 7 July 2000.”

Read Forkliftaction’s latest news edition online.

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