EPA Seeks Comment on Regulation Prohibiting Widely-Used Substance PIP

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final rule on March 8, 2021 that would prohibit all sales in the U.S. of phenol, isopropylated phosphate (PIP), and any “PIP-containing products or articles.” 

PIP is a liquid chemical substance widely used in making plastic products and a broad array of parts and
components, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, sealants, hydraulics, electronics, electrical products,
equipment of all types, gaskets, clamps, tubes, harnesses cables and casings. A critical safety use – PIP
acts as a flame retardant when added to plastics used to make all kinds of products, parts, and

The EPA issued a temporary 180 day “No Action Assurance” ” and opened a new 60 day comment period to collect further information and ensure that the supply chain of important articles containing PIP is not interrupted. 

Distributors are strongly encouraged to work with suppliers to confirm if products are “PIP-containing products or articles” subject to this EPA rule. If so, it may become unlawful for you to resell those products in the U.S. if and when the rule is enforced. The agency indicated that the compliance date could be extended for some of the articles containing PIP.

Read the EPA News Release and Final Rule.

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