Daifuku Intralogistics North America Works Adds Automated Python Unit

Due to the increased order volumes experienced last year and Daifuku Wynright’s desire to meet their customers needs going forward, they have added a highly automated PythonX to the Daifuku Intralogistics North America Works in Hobart, IN.  The PythonX was added to streamline production within the  Structural Steel manufacturing division. PythonX from Lincoln Electric is a robotic fabrication system. The new machine allows automated fabrication of structural steel, pipe, grating, and plate. It is a versatile and complete solution that automates processing operations in fabrication while providing increased productivity, unmatched cut quality, and predictable and consistent throughput. This new machine will enable the structural steel processing capacity in Hobart to increase to double order volumes and eventually triple order volumes to what it is today – while still maintaining high quality.

  • The new PythonX will provide the following benefits:
  • Uses less floor space than traditional fabrication methods
  • Reduces per piece manufacturing times
  • Requires less handling of raw materials
  • Produces finished parts with less errors & waste

The addition of the PythonX provides a level of CNC sophistication and automation that would otherwise have taken years and millions of dollars to reach with traditional fabrication equipment.

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