ABCO Systems Partners with 3PLs

ABCO Systems is announcing its partnering with third-party logistics companies (3PLs) to better automate fulfillment needs.

3PLs depend on cost-to-serve modeling to save on internal costs and maximize profits. ABCO’s Warehouse Automation Services help 3PLs operate with greater efficiency through faster fulfillment times and increased productivity. Using ABCO’s system integrations, 3PLs can achieve substantial growth, reduce labor costs, and increase throughput while increasing safety practices— ultimately allowing them to compete with larger companies.

ABCO Systems is looking forward to helping 3PLs become more efficient with Warehouse Automation Services.

ABCO’s Warehouse Automation Solutions include:

Conveyor Systems are made up of a variety of conveyors that each balance price, function, and durability. As a Platinum Supplier of TGW Manufactured conveyors, we provide the high functioning systems at a superior value. Our experienced engineering team will choose the right equipment for your application and get you the very best return on investment.

With reliable and accurate 65 cpm sortation, TGW’s NBS 90 conveyor employs a series of narrow belts, each with patented individual take-up. Continuous contact between belt and product provides maximum tracking accuracy, for optimum sort reliability. The NBS 90 carries products at speeds up to 300 feet per minute and achieves a sort rate of up to 65 cases per minute.

ABCO Systems provides Print and Apply systems as standalone and fully automated conveyor systems. As the labor costs associated with hand labeling rises, there is an opportunity for greatly increased efficiency and order accuracy in this process. Print and Apply systems have never been more affordable.

Pick-to-light is acknowledged to be the fastest operator-based picking strategy available to execute broken case quantity order fulfillment operations. Ideal for team-based approaches like zone picking, the solution increases the pick rate productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of this labor-intensive process.

“Goods-to-person” is a modern method of order fulfillment. The product is moved directly to the operator, who can then pick what is needed to fulfill orders.

High-speed, in-motion dimensioning and weighing system. Today’s technology gives you the power to quickly measure and weigh your parcels on the fly. Using infrared light-technology, the dimensioning and weighing system is an efficient and reliable solution for manifesting or re-weigh applications.

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