MVS Application


To be considered for the 2021 MVS Award, please complete the application below. You can upload documents to support your application after each section.  2021 MVS Awards are based on activity and accomplishments in 2020 and you must satisfy a total of twelve (12) of the criteria, with at least two in each Area of Excellence. Application Deadline: December 2, 2020.

Once your application is submitted you will be contacted by MHEDA and asked to submit a list of 25 of your top dealers which includes a contact name, address and email.  MHEDA will contact your top dealers with a congratulatory announcement. 

NOTE:  You can save your progress and complete your application at a later date by scrolling to the bottom and click “NEXT” to save that page of data or “DONE” at the end of the survey. Otherwise, progress will not be saved. You must return to the form in the same browser and computer in order to access your saved data. 

Please contact Kathy Cotter at with your questions or to get a list of items your company has already completed.