DiSC Survey

Improved Useful Tool for Dealers in All Segments of the Material Handling Industry

Easier to Complete  – Less Duplication  – Reduced Pages Without Reducing Content  – Less Frustrating

The MHEDA Distributor Statistical Comparisons (DiSC) Report provides some key insights into exactly how the high-profit firms generate better profit numbers. It focuses intently on the key profit drivers – growth, gross margin, expenses, inventory turnover and accounts receivable collections. The report provides a roadmap for any firm wanting to improve its financial performance.

MHEDA partnered with the Mackay Research Group to administer and improve the DiSC Report. In 2019 MHEDA completed a thorough review of the DiSC survey(s) questionnaire. The result was a significant reduction in the number of questions that members need to fill out with no reduction in the benchmarking statistics being reported.

Over the years, the DiSC survey(s) had grown in size with the good intentions of providing more meaningful benchmarks to help members better manage their business. The side effect of these good intentions was that data points like sales and cost of goods sold by category were asked multiple times in different way throughout the survey. The survey review undertaken this year eliminated the redundancies.

Industrial Truck Survey The Industrial Truck DiSC Survey, this review resulted in the reduction of one full page of the survey. Again, with no falloff in the benchmarks being reported.
Storage & Handling Survey The new Storage & Handling DiSC Survey will result in more insights into issues like margins by revenue category.
Engineered Systems Survey Finally, Engineered Systems has their own dedicated DiSC survey and examines Engineered Systems business statistics exclusively. You are not compelled to complete the IT or S&H Survey with data points that may not apply to Engineered Systems.


Only the staff of the Mackay Research Group will have access to your financial survey information. Because the members send the survey directly to them, neither the MHEDA staff nor its members have access to any individual company’s data. Data is collected by Mackay Research Group from participating MHEDA members and then analyzed for validity, thoroughness, and market representation based on the organization’s size, line of business, and geographic region. Participants data is aggregated in a way that prevents identification of any individual company’s results.

What You Will Receive When You Participate

Three complementary industry-wide reports profiling the financial and operating performance of MHEDA members. They will be emailed to the contact name submitted on the questionnaire in a PDF format and an Excel dashboard. Management commentary is provided in the reports to explain what the various statistics and ratios mean and why they are important.

Each participant that returns a completed questionnaire will receive a complimentary Individual Financial Performance Dashboard in an Excel dashboard analyzing your company. This report offers an interactive, dynamic look at the columns of data the user wants to use for benchmarking.

2019 Survey Schedule

February 1 DiSC Survey Early Bird Jump Start Date This is the best version of the DiSC Report I have EVER SEEN. Would only be better if we had more dealers participating. George M. Keen, Business Development/Project Manager, Virginia Tractor
February 15 Official Survey Start Date I love this data. I like the sorting capability. This will be very helpful for us and others that utilize it by comparing their company to these industry standards. Thomas Albero, President & CEO, Alliance Material Handling, Inc.
April 15 Deadline to return completed survey questionnaires I thought the reports looked great and all of the data presented seemed reasonable as I thought  through my company’s metrics. I really like the spreadsheet presentation. Doug Carson, VP- Marketing & Sales, Fallsway Equipment Company
May 15 Extension date if necessary On the Engineered Systems side, it was tailored to our specific business. It now only includes the information relevant to our structure. Scott Larsen, President, R. H. Brown Co.
June 1 Industry Report Results sent to participants The DiSC report is one of the more valuable benefits of being a MHEDA member. If you are willing to make an honest evaluation of your business, the report helps expose areas of opportunity as well as reinforce areas of success. Scott Hennie, President, Elite Supply Chain Solutions