MHEDA Can Help

We recently surveyed the MHEDA Membership and learned about the most critical business challenges Members are facing. We encourage you to utilize your Membership benefits to help you manage during these uncertain times. Here is a quick list of resources and links to where you can access on our website that address current business needs.

2020 Material Handling Business Trends

MHEDA: Expand your Network. Educate your Associates. Elevate your Bottom Line.

Manage Economic Uncertainty
Train and Engage Employees
Access COVID-19 Resources
  • Visit To help you navigate the extensive COVID-19 business and safety information, MHEDA has created an easy-to-use webpage to help you stay connected with the latest news, trends, data, government links and more.
Save on Expenses
  • MHEDA Cost Savings Programs. Save money on everyday expenses including credit card transactions, hiring and developing workforce talent, customer service training, payroll, office supplies, shipping and more.
Create & Maintain Business Connections
  • With Your Expertise. Do you want to share your business expertise and best practices ideas with fellow MHEDA Members? Apply today to become a M2M Presenter. M2M gives you the opportunity to share your skills and expertise with fellow MHEDA Members
  • With your peers. Networking Opportunities via MHEDA-NET, a free virtual networking program
  • With your dealers and suppliers. MHEDA’s Virtual Showcase is on online exhibit hall featuring 100+ MHEDA Members. It’s a great way to learn about the latest products and services available.
  • With Women in Industry. Connect with other women who also work in Material Handling.
Recruit & Retain
  • Certified Forklift Technicians. MHEDA and the nationwide Manufacturing Skill Standards Council have partnered to help fill this gap by creating the Certified Forklift Technician program.
  • Material Handling Career Videos. MHEDA has created two videos to communicate to students, recent graduates, and young talent the vast opportunities and career paths available.
  • New Hire Onboarding Template. MHEDA partnered with Communication Performance Management Associates (CPMA) to provide a FREE On-Boarding template designed specifically for MHEDA members.
  • Employee Compensation & Benefits Report. The report contains detailed reviews of distributor executive and employee compensation and benefit programs including salaries, bonuses and perks.
Understand Shifting Trends
  • 2020 Material Handling Trends. This list of trends address the current shifting state of the Material Handling industry, as defined by a group of your peers, the MHEDA Executive Committee.
  • DiSC (Distributor Statistical Comparison) Report. MHEDA’s DiSC Report is a financial benchmarking study that annually provides key insights into exactly how the “high-profit firms” generate better profit numbers.
  • The MHEDA Journal. MHEDA’s quarterly magazine provides business insight and Member news.
  • MHEDA-TV Videos & Podcasts. Learn from videos and podcasts on what is happening in the industry.
Stand Out from the Competition
  • MVP & MVS Award Program. MHEDA offers member companies the opportunity to be recognized for outstanding business practices.
  • Advertise With Us. Showcase your company to an influential group of industry professionals! Our publications deliver powerful relationships that influence, inspire and endure. Reach key decision-makers.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities. MHEDA offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities throughout the year that will help get you and your brand in front of our membership.

Are you facing additional business challenge that you need help with? Contact MHEDA today and we will do our best to help you find resources. Questions? Call 847-680-3500 or email