Membership Dues Renewal Forms

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Choose your membership type and click on the corresponding link to the dues renewal form for that membership type.

Distributor Dues Renewal Form

A company that operates his business independent from any manufacturer whose equipment he sells and is engaged primarily in the business of sales, servicing or renting new or used material handling equipment.

Factory-Owned Branch Dues Renewal Form

A factory-owned branch or retail outlet of manufacturers of material handling equipment.

Manufacturer's Representative Dues Renewal Form

A company which as as an independent representative for manufacturers of material handling equipment and sells only to distributors and not at any time to end users.

Manufacturer/Supplier Dues Renewal Form

A company which has been engaged in the manufacturer and sale of material handling equipment.

Associate Dues Renewal Form

A company whose activities and specialized services support the Association's basic purposes and renders specialized services to the Association and or it's members and the industry they represent.