2018 DiSC Survey

DISC Survey Extended to May 1st.

Mackay Research Group Will Produce the 2018 DiSC Financial Benchmarking Report

This is an Essential Tool for Improving Distributor Profitability and Should NOT be Overlooked!

Confidentiality: Only the Mackay Research Group staff will have access to your financial information. Every precaution has been taken to protect the complete confidentiality of all information, and this responsibility is taken very seriously.

The DiSC Survey is a profitability study of MHEDA distributor members. The report provides detailed financial results of industrial truck and storage and handling and engineered system distributors. Results profiled in this report are based on income statement, balance sheet, and operating data provided by members.

The tables and graphs contained in this report are designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward guidelines for analyzing profitability among MHEDA distributors. This management tool is intended to supply the resources that enable MHEDA members to evaluate, plan, and better manage their businesses. If your company wants to increase profitability and continue to grow in today’s competitive environment, it is essential that you take the time to analyze your industry’s best practices and build them into your company’s business plans.


John Mackay of Mackay Research Group, Boulder, Colorado


How To Participate

Responses are Due by: April 15, 2018. Extended to May 1

Use the links below to download the correct survey for your business type and complete the survey using the most recent completed 12 month fiscal year and return to Mackay Research Group.

We provide the surveys in Fillable PDF for printing a hard copy and in Excel to be competed electronic. You choose the which works best for you.

Surveys in PDF Format Surveys in Excel Format
Industrial Truck - PDF Industrial Truck - Excel
Storage & Handling/Engineered
Systems Survey - PDF
Storage & Handling/Engineered
Systems Survey - Excel

Engineered Systems ONLY Survey - PDF

Engineered Systems ONLY Survey - Excel


NEW Innovative Results Format!

New this year, the DiSC Dashboard will be delivered in an Excel© dashboard that allows you to create customized reports in a more efficient and user-friendly format. The Dashboard was designed with maximum flexibility in mind, so distributors can slice and dice specific performance results in ways that are most useful to you. You select the specific columns of data you want to benchmark against your company’s results. Detailed Results – Your primary metrics can be supplemented by more granular views and analyzed using a variety of well-defined ratios. Navigation buttons along the left side of the worksheet allow you to jump to a specific section of study. See diagram below.




DiSC Dashboard

The Financial Benchmarking Dashboard provides participating MHEDA members with leading edge insights, intelligence and capabilities. One of the first tabs in the individual Financial Benchmarking Dashboard is this Scorecard graph. This page of the individual report gives you a quick, visual view of strengths and weakness and ratios to dig deeper into in the rest of the report. See diagram below.